5 Reasons Why You Should Study Your Astrology

Reasons why you should study your Astrology.


Why You Should Study Your Astrology? A lot of people believe in astrology while the same number of people dismiss the idea and its authenticity. There are people who think it’s lame and dismiss it as pseudoscience due to the fact that there is no scientific proof backing it. Astrology has been used in the past to predict a lot of things, it is an ancient science used thousands of years ago and is still being used now by a lot of people.

Its been over eight years since I came across the word “astrology” and I have always been interested in it and studied it ever since and I have never had regrets. Studying astrology gave me an insight into how to deal with my relationships with people. It has come to a point where I can tell a person’s sign accurately without having to ask them their date of birth, this happens by just studying their behaviour and personality.

Please note that I am not an Astrologer and I am just writing from my personal experiences and studies I have made.

Astrology has helped me in various aspects of my life and this is why you should study your astrology. A general horoscope may not have any effect and it might not resonate with you but if you go deeper and study your birth chart you would gain more insight.

What is astrology and why you should study your astrology?

It is important to know what astrology is before explaining why you should study it.

Astrology is a human belief that the celestial bodies somehow affects human affairs and the natural world. Many people believe that the time of the year you were born has an influence on the kind of person you are and the traits you possess.

Reasons why you should study your astrology

  1. It helps you understand yourself better.

Astrology can be of great help if you wish to understand yourself on a deeper level. It helps you understand why you possess certain traits. It shows you the positive and negative traits you possess and how to help yourself. Astrology has helped a lot of people understand who they are, it has been the reason some people dive into self Discovery. Astrology is deeper than the mere horoscope and Zodiac signs. If you start studying it goes way deeper.
2. It helps manage your relationship with others.
 Astrology has personally helped me manage my relationship with people both friendship wise and business-wise. It has helped me understand people better and how to have a smooth relationship with them irrespective of our signs are compatible or not.

3. It helps you understand the world around you

Before I started my journey in astrology I was void and really could not make any meaning of the world around me but after I started studying it, I was able to learn new things and even ancient history that I was not taught at school.

4. It gives closure

Have you ever had a personal reading from an Astrologer you didn’t know and it was insanely accurate? Astrologers have been able to give accurate readings about the past and even trauma you have faced and how to move forward from it. This helps me in my self-growth journey. This is done by looking into your natal chart.

5. It helps your self-growth journey

It is no doubt that astrology can be of help when trying to drop habits that have not been of help to you. It helps identify the flaws, helps understand where it is coming from and most importantly how to improve. If you are planning to work on your personal growth you should give astrology a chance.

Misconceptions about Astrology

  1. Astrology is an excuse for trashy behaviour.

A lot of people have been able to use astrology as an excuse for toxic behaviour which is not right. Astrology should be the reason why you should not exhibit toxic behaviour because it helps you highlight your flaws and how to work on them to be better. Don’t use your zodiac sign to explain toxic behaviour it should be the reason you take your self-growth journey seriously.

2. Astrology and compatibility.

People often think that when your Zodiac sign and that of a friend or spouse does not match then automatically you cannot have a relationship with that person. The beautiful thing about astrology is that it helps you understand where the flaws of the relationship are and how to improve and maintain a positive relationship, just because it does not match does not mean it cannot work.

3. Astrology is a big lie.

A lot of people do not resonate with what their zodiac sign says about them and this is because your sun sign is not all you are, your moon and rising play a huge role in the kind of person you are and how you appear to others. We have seen situations where twins do not act alike even though they were born on the same day, this is due to our unique natal chart. The natal chart of each human is unique and different, it is just like fingerprints, we cannot have the same as any other person. Dive deep into your natal chart to understand yourself better.


I can keep highlighting more reasons but you will never really understand it until you approach astrology with an open mind and study it yourself. I hope through this article you will understand why you should study your astrology.

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