ICBC USA and Canada Open office in Namibia. ICBC Namibia.

ICBC USA and Canada Open office in Namibia. ICBC Namibia.

What is ICBC?

Making white-collar job seekers entrepreneurs and as well as upscaling individuals’ skilled level from micro to semiskilled, skilled and to become professional business consultants. According to the Institute’s Namibia CEO/Director, Mr Ayele Emmanuel Utomi, The Institute of Certified Business Consultants® (ICBC) is a non-profit professional body for business professionals.

Mr Ayele, says that the Institute represents business professionals who work in the business arena. Saying the Institute believe in grooming, training and coaching individuals and entrepreneurs in their various fields to become experts in their chosen careers. Become a Certified Business Consultant through ICBC.

He says ICBC welcome all professionals in various fields and recognize individuals who have contributed greatly to the economy of a nation.


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ICBC Namibia.

THE INSTITUTE OF CERTIFIED BUSINESS CONSULTANTS (ICBC), NAMIBIA, is an affiliate of ICBC Canada and USA which has a worldwide membership. ICBC Namibia is fully incorporated in Namibia with the Business and Intellectual Property Authority (BIPA) under section 180 of the companies Act, 2004 on November 22, 2021. The Institute is saddled with the responsibility of providing quality Education, Training, Consultancy, and Research & Development in Business Management and Entrepreneurship to the citizens at a high standard to boost the Namibian Economy.

The Institute of Certified Business Consultants (ICBC), Canada and USA, is an international professional organization chartered in the States of Delaware and Washington, USA with an international administrative office in Canada. The Institute has a worldwide membership with a growing global presence. Our members are employed in all sectors of the economy, making significant contributions to the efficiency of businesses. Our focus has always been on delivering professional values and high ethical standards, thus offering opportunities for studying and career advancement in the field of business.

The aims of the institute.

1. The Institute’s founding fathers saw the yearnings of young school leavers seeking white-collar jobs that are not readily available, they saw the need to bridge this gap by making white-collar job seekers entrepreneurs through the Institute’s training and coaching programs.

2. The Institute is of the opinion that for any country to grow its Gross Domestic Product (GDP) index there must be deliberate collaborations of all stakeholders in that country.

3. The Institute anchored on this idea that a country’s economic growth should not be left in the hands of University and Polytechnic graduates without developing the crafts and artisans sector.

4. ICBC embraces and teaches all forms of business models employed by businesses; be it manufacturing, distributing, retailing or franchising in creating, delivering and capturing value for its customers.

5. Business today requires professionals to integrate knowledge from multiple sources to address strategic business issues and help to create new innovation-driven business models.

6. All over the world there are persistent business collapses; high percentage numbers of youths are unemployed because the hope of being employed has failed. The compressed strategy life cycle needs a radical approach of integrated knowledge of theories and practicals that will step up the zeal of independence to achieve success in individual lives in particular and the global economy in general. The Institute of Certified Business Consultants is a bundle of these ideas that stands to loosen up into members to have a positive impact on the economy.

7. Business consultants provide advice to clients in a wide variety of situations arising from various professional areas. The uniqueness of the ICBC is in the multidisciplinary structure.


  1. Undergraduate – Catch them young, they will be trained and get them exposed to various business models which will make them entrepreneurs before graduating.
  2. Graduate – To become self-employed and create jobs for others through ICBC training and coaching.
  3. Politicians – Training on modern-day politicking as well as roles of politicians in nation-building.
  4. Professionals – To be equipped with modern business philosophy and connect to the global business network through seminars. Get solutions when faced with business issues through the Institute’s solution back bone-centre.
  5. Corporate entities – Receiving discounts through staff training as well as having access to the
    institute’s quarterly newsletters.
  6. Government employees – To become more efficient and productive as well as planning for
    retirement business initiative through ICBC training and coaching.
  7. Artisans, Farmers, Traders, Craft men/women under “Business Operator”- The Institute’s idea is to train and coach these members on regular basis on modern techniques in their fields of business, record keeping, sources of funds available to them, exports exposures, preservation mechanism of their products and other opportunities.

The Institute has a growing global presence with a strong focus on professional values and high ethical standards, plus the opportunity for study and career advancement in the field of business consulting. The Institute under the ongoing Window of Opportunity for Namibia citizens that have contributed to business development in their chosen field of practice as well as those who have obtained the basic qualifications admit you into the Institute’s membership category (Honorary, Fellow, Full Member, Associate, Graduate and Student membership).

We believe your knowledge and experience will add value to what we have been doing over the years. We also believe that we can contribute to making your professional knowledge available to society through the platform of Business Consultancy.

ICBC Namibia

The vision of ICBC Namibia.

“To be the global leader in educating and certifying business consultants/professionals that are universally relevant to the global dynamic economy”

The mission of ICBC Namibia.

“To provide services in harnessing and integrating individuals’ skilled level from micro to semiskilled,
skilled and to become professional business consultants””

The Core Values of ICBC Namibia.

  • Integrity
  • Professionalism

The services of ICBC Namibia.

1. Educational and Professional Programmes
2. Business/Vocational School 
3. Training/Workshops/Seminars
4. Certification of Businesses & Members
5. Business Clinics
6. Research & Development
7. Consultancy
8. MCPE (Mandatory Continuing Professional Education)

The Institute’s membership categories.

1. Certified Business Consultant Certification-from USA/Canada global office
2. Fellow member
3. Full member
4. Associate member
5. Graduate member
6. Corporate member
7. Honorary member

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