How to cancel an online order on popular online stores.

How to cancel an online order on popular online stores.


In this post, you will learn how to cancel an online order. Many people all over the world are very fond of online stores. Online stores like AliExpress, Jumia, and Konga make life easier for people in the area of buying and selling, but sometimes wrong orders can be mistakenly placed.

How to cancel order on Jumia **.

To cancel an online order on Jumia, go to the dashboard in the Jumia account area;

  • From the list of all the orders in the Jumia dashboard, Click see details in front of the order that is to be cancelled.
  • Then click the ”cancel item” button.

If the product has already been shipped and paid for, all that needs to be done is just to call customer care and they will help to solve all the issues you need.

If the product has not been paid for, the order can be rejected once it’s being delivered.

How to cancel an online order on Jumia

How to cancel order on Konga **.

Konga is a popular store for buying and selling products online at the comfort of home. Products ranging from electronics, furnitures, fixtures, and many more. There is a very wide variety of products to choose from.

To cancel an order online on konga;

  • Just click on the orders button in the konga account dashboard within the website or the app.
  • The list of orders made will be visible. Select the particular product that you want to terminate its purchase.
  • Click on the Cancel button to terminate or stop the purchase made.

If the order made is almost delivered, a call would be put across by the konga dispatch team. All that is left to be done is to cancel the order by telling them, and your order will be cancelled.

How to cancel an online order on Konga

How to cancel order on AliExpress.

AliExpress is one of the top online store in the world for purchasing or buying affordable products from different categories. Prdoucts ranging from phones, laptops, accessories, kitchen appliances, home fixtures, and more. 

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To cancel an online order on AliExpress;

  • Click on accounts.
  • After clicking account, you will see my orders, click on it.
  • After clicking on my orders, select the product you want to stop from being delivered or you want to stop the shipping.
  • The next thing to do, is to click on the cancel button to end the shipping.
  • After following this whole process, you will manually end the shipping of the products.
  • If you mistakenly place an order, you can follow this same process to cancel an online order you have made.
How to cancel an online order on AliExpress

Its that easy to cancel an online order on popular online stores.

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