Why become a Certified Business Consultant through ICBC?

Become a Certified Business Consultant through ICBC.

What ICBC is?

According to the President/CEO of The Institute of Certified Business Consultants(ICBC) Nigeria, Mr Ayele Utomi, The Institute of Certified Business Consultants®(ICBC) is a non-profit professional body for business professionals.

The Institute of Certified Business Consultants (ICBC), is an international professional organization chartered in the States of Delaware and Washington, USA with an international administrative office in Canada. The Institute has a worldwide membership with a growing global presence. The Institute’s members are employed in all sectors of the economy, making significant contributions to the efficiency of businesses. The main focus of the institute has always been on delivering professional values and high ethical standards, thus offering opportunities for studying and career advancement in the field of business.

He says that the Institute represents business professionals who work in the business arena. You can Become a Certified Business Consultant through ICBC.

Mr Ayele also said that the aim of ICBC is to promote and develop the profession to the public and those people involved in business consulting guidance to their clients. He added that ICBC was built to uplift entrepreneurs’ skilled level from micro to semiskilled, skilled and to become professional business consultants

He stressed that most business consultants all over the world provide advice to clients in a wide variety of situations in professional areas. He said the vision of the institute is to be the global leader in educating and certifying businesses, entrepreneurs, consultants, business operators and professionals that are universally relevant to the global economy.

Who can join ICBC Nigeria?

Politicians – Training on modern-day politicking as well as the role of politicians in nation-building

Undergraduate – Catch them young, they will be trained and exposed to various business models which will make them entrepreneurs before graduating

Graduate – To become self-employed and create jobs for others through ICBC Nigeria training and coaching.

Professionals – To be equipped with modern-day business philosophy and connect to the global business network through seminars. Get solutions when faced with business issues through the Institute solution backbone centre.

Corporate entities – Receiving discounts for staff training as well as having access to the institute’s quarterly newsletters.

Membership Categories.

How to join ICBC Nigeria and become a certified business consultant.

Mr Ayele said that to be a member of the Institute you will need to confirm if you qualify for any of the categories and then go to the ICBC Nigeria website and then click the E-registration button on the website to fill in the membership form and then you will be contacted shortly by the institute’s secretariat. If you submit all the required documents and you undergo and pass the training for the category you qualify for, an individual gets inducted into the institute which holds yearly.

Mr Ayele dwelled on the fact that ICBC Nigeria in collaboration with both local and foreign companies and institutions has the ability to overcome the ugly business scenarios that have held countries back for a long time. He said business owners need hybrid and integrated business knowledge and skills because the business world is evolving and developing rapidly, and new skills are needed to manage businesses to be profitable at this time and age.

ICBC Nigeria trainers consist of a group of highly skilled professionals with varying competencies and grow under the mentorship of some of the world’s best leadership experts; they are themselves, a team of international certified professionals who also have long and rich practical experiences at national and continental levels. ICBC Nigeria training team also leverage national and international partners in delivering top class training courses. 

How to join ICBC Nigeria

Introducing ICBC online course platform.

ICBC launched their online course platform called ICBC E-learning. 

The ICBC E-learning platform is part of the transformative power of education that will unlock the fears and hiding potentials of individuals. This global change that makes learning and easy access to high-quality training has been a privilege of the few. The Institute of Certified Business Consultants (ICBC) has an open classroom for all irrespective, of geographical location through online learning, ICBC has empowered millions of learners to unlock their potentials and become agents of change.

ICBC is open for instructors to join their platform and create courses and earn passively through the online course platform.

Why become a Certified Business Consultant through ICBC Nigeria; ICBC E-learning

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