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Introduction. (money well)

Do you spend most of the days at home? Do you have so much free time that you don’t know what to use them for anymore? Or maybe you are a student who wakes up in the morning just to face school works the whole day, and because of that, you keep missing all the other opportunities knocking on the door? Do you want to break this boring and seemingly unproductive routine? If your answers were straight “yes” till the last question, you made just the right choice of viewing this article.


The year 2020 must be the cruellest year we’ve ever been through in our lifetime. News about cataclysmic events all over the globe had been on T.V; hurricanes sweeping off houses, earthquakes tormenting people for days and even months after they occur, and well, the most famous one: the COVID-19 virus that brought us mishaps in perfect silence. It forced almost every country around the world to implement lockdown with the hope of containing and soon taking full control of it. We had never prepared for something like that so when it finally came to it, we seemed blind feeling our surroundings just to navigate our way through. Whether we liked it or not, we had to adjust to the new normal that came afterwards; we dealt with different community restrictions and we were obligated to follow the limited activities that cost many people’s jobs. So many opportunities had passed by and we could even barely stare at them. This was the start of the evolution of online platforms ranging from social media to websites and articles that help people earn money.

What is Money Well?

Introducing the Money Well app. Money Well is a smartphone app that is supported by companies looking to increase the visibility of their games. You can earn tickets as a member by installing and playing these games on your Android device. Once you’ve achieved the payout level, you can exchange your tickets for cash or Amazon gift cards. Although the program has been downloaded over a million times, it is far from groundbreaking. App Flame, Lucky Miner, and Mistplay are just a few of the similar apps available in the Play Store. With so many possibilities, it’s critical to conduct thorough research in order to avoid utilizing the worst apps.

How to Earn Money?

How to Earn Money

1. Create a PayPal account

As mentioned earlier, the amount you earn from using the app can be cashed out after you’ve achieved the minimum number of points which serve as the payout level. Since the app is accessible almost in every country, it is considered global. That is why there is a need to consider the exchange rate of currency from one country to another. The best way to receive money from an international source is through Paypal since it has a feature that successfully converts money into the desired currency depending on your location. Though it costs a certain amount on every conversion. You are going to use this app to receive the money from Money Well and then prepare it for cash-out.

2. Create a G-Cash account (Optional)

After you’ve exchanged your tickets or points that you earned from the app into e-money in Paypal, it’s time to cash them out. However, in order to do that, you have to have a bank account where you can link your PayPal account. Of course, if you do not have a bank account and not planning on having one anytime soon, there is still an option for you. In countries where G-Cash is available, you can opt to use it instead in order to turn your e-money into real (tangible) money. G-Cash lets you transfer your balance in PayPal into itself so you can easily cash it out on stores that offer cash-in/cash-out transactions.

3. Launch Money Well

a. Questionnaire

The app is available on Playstore and can be installed for free. After installing, you’ll be directed to a page that gives you a short questionnaire that helps the app choose the perfect apps based on your preference.

b. Terms and Agreement

The terms and agreement will be flashed on the screen, you have to read and accept them.

c. Sign in

You’ll have to sign in to the app using your Google or Facebook account. A welcome gift is expected to be received on your initial log-in depending on your location and the time you did the signup (since money well offers a certain amount as a welcome bonus which constantly changes).

d. Permission

Grant Money Well the permission to use your data so they can monitor your usage of or playtime on the apps.

4. Play Games

If you are located in the United States, accumulating 4999 tickets will earn you 0.50 USD. As a result, 100 tickets are worth about one penny. You will see all the available games you can play. You can choose the ones that offer the highest amount of tickets and install them on your phone. Each differs in terms of the points earnable when played. Your usage duration will be counted per minute and the particular amount of tickets will be stored in your account. The availability of the games depends on your country as the company prioritizes your preferences. The available tickets that the apps offer are limited so you’ll have to select another one and download it.

There is an event wherein Money Well doubles every amount of tickets earnable on every app; assuming that there are 224 tickets available on a particular game, it will be doubled to 448 tickets. If you happen to be active when this event occurs, you will surely earn a lot more than usual.

[Bonus] You can refer Money Well to your friends so you can receive a bonus. Also, you will get 20% of their earnings every time they play.

5. Payout

Select the payment option accessible in your country from the “Payout” section. Then, if you have enough coins, select the cash amount and provide your email address. You’ll most likely be able to withdraw funds using PayPal or Amazon gift cards. Money Well accepts payments in Euro, which isn’t a major deal because you can convert it to your local currency through PayPal. Make sure you have created a PayPal account. You can also opt to follow the G-Cash option if it’s more convenient for you.


Money Well is an app that effectively generates e-money for you which you can then cash out into real money. Though it may seem to require so much work and only for a small amount of money, it is still very useful. Playing games is a form of entertainment, and getting entertained in your free time all while earning money is not only tempting, but it is indeed also a productive idea.

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Dyna Tolentino
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