12 universal laws of the universe and how they can help you live a fulfilled life.

12 universal laws of the universe

The universe is very powerful, so is the law guiding it. The law of the universe are laws that guide the existence of all forms. When you begin to work with the universe and not against it, you begin to realise a whole lot and live in harmony with your mind and the souls around you.

The laws are often associated with Ho’oponpono from the Hawaiian culture of meditation.

The universal law was listed first in the book, the Kybalion which was published in 1908. Later on, other authors have published their version list of the universal law. In 1998 Dr Norma milonovich & Dr Shirley McCune published the book “The Light Shall set you Free”. This expands the knowledge on the 12 fundamental universal laws and the 21 sub laws. This article is going to focus on the 12 universal laws.

It’s actually no secret that most of us are not even aware of the laws, to begin with, this is one of the reasons we work against these laws. If you want to live a more conscious and mindful life abiding by the laws of the universe then you are in the right place.

These twelve laws exist and affect our lives whether we are conscious of it or not, it’s just like breathing and gravity. When it comes to gravity we go around living with it consciously or unconsciously, we only become very aware of it when we are on an object with height. This also goes with breathing, we are not conscious of our breath unless we are engaging in activities where we have to take a break to catch our breath, like running or jogging.

The Law of Divine oneness

This law states that we are all connected to one source, we are all connected through creation. We are all energy from one source. This also applies to animals, living and nonliving. You should consider this law when interacting with beings. We may have different physical outlooks but we are all connected to one source. This is the reason why you should also treat animals with the same respect because we are one.

The Law of Vibration

Everything in the universe has frequency and vibration.. All things are an energy being pulled in a circular pattern both tangible and intangible. Nothing is in stationery everything pushed away or being pulled towards something. Our vibrational frequency can be raised or lowered based on our emotional and physical actions. Engage in activities that increase your vibration, activities like gratitude, self-growth, self-awareness and consciousness.

The Law of Action

This states that we have to align our thoughts with actions and feelings. This means if you want something you should take action to get it, it doesn’t necessarily mean you have to overwork yourself, this means taking inspired actions to the goal. The universe works with energy and it picks on every energy to give out if the universe receives the energy you are taking actions towards your thoughts and it helps you manifest it.

The Law of Correspondence

This is one of my favourite Laws. This is saying you are a reflection of your thoughts and actions. The fact behind this law is that our reality is created by the subconscious patterns we create. “As above, so below as within so without”. If you feel your life is full of sadness because you are also sad on the inside, this law emphasizes that your reality is a result of your internal thoughts.

if you want a more happy reality you have to be happy from within. Your outer world corresponds with your inner world.

The Law of Cause and Effects

This law emphasizes the fact that every action reacts. Most of us may know this law as Karma. All that goes around comes around. Most of us are conscious of this law but use it in the wrong way.

The Law of Compensation

This is the law of reward, we would be compensated for efforts and contributions no matter the amount of energy put into it. This is technically saying “you would really whatever you sow”

The Law of Attraction

This is the most popular law of all twelve. This is the law of vibration in action. Like attracts like, if you vibrate on a frequency of positive energy you are going to attract the same positive energy. If your subconscious mind is happy you are going to attract happiness from the world around you. Think of it this way, if you think about food all the time you are most likely to spend a large amount of your money on food or if you are always curious about new knowledge you are more likely to come across new knowledge every day.

Your mind is a magnet and it attracts what it’s in it. If you ever did Physics in school you would have heard the law that states that “like attracts and unlike repel”

“Everything is energy, match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is physics, not philosophy” This is a quote by Albert Einstein concerning the law of attraction.

The Law of Perpetual transmutation of Energy

This law confirms the law of motion which states that “Energy can neither be created nor destroyed but can be changed from one form to another” This means our energy is always moving from one form to another. Everything is energy, we are energy and energy is always in motion. This law says that your “thoughts become things” Energy is always trying to manifest itself in a physical state, our thoughts and emotions are energy. You must stay consistent with your thoughts and intention if you want it to manifest because the universe manifests circumstances we focus on. For instance, you can’t want to be successful and keep doubting that you can, it gives the universe mixed signals.

If you want to attract only positive energy, you must keep vibrating on that same energy without wavering. If you can master this law you’d be unstoppable.

The Law of Relativity

This law says that every event that happens is all relative. Nothing happens by chance

The Law of Polarity

The law of polarity states that everything happens in two, there is always an opposite for everything in existence. According to this law, everything is dual, there is love and hate, good and evil, positive and negative hot and cold.  Nothing can exist potentially without its polar opposite. mastering this law can help deal with yourself and the world at large.


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The law of Relativity

This law tells us that we experience life through perspective. noting can be judged as good or bad except we experience it through series of perspective.  you create your reality through a perception, this allows you to experience life with greater compassion and comparison.     

The law of Rhyhm

This law has to do with the masculine and feminine energy that exist in all forms of being regardless of gender identification. Everyone of us has a divine masculine and divine feminine energy inside, it has nothing to do with being a male or female. this law is telling us that we need to balance both sides.

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